Q. How long for the activation?
A. We try our best to activate all accounts within 3-12 hours on a weekday and 12-24 hours on the weekend….

Q. Can I change from M3U8 to MAC or MAC to M3U8?
A. Yes you can, Please open a support ticket with…

Q. Do you allow VPN?

A. Yes we support VPN connectivity. For UK customers we strongly recommnd VPN…

Q. M3U8 vs MAC, which option should I select?
A. The selection of M3U8 vs MAC is strictly based on Device or Software you are using.

Q. Can I watch on more than one device at the same time using the same subscription?
A. You can…

Q. A. Do you allow restreaming?

A. We do not allow restreaming. Any account found restreaming will be terminated. If you want to resell, please sign up as an affiliate.

Q. What devices do you support?
A. We support a vast range of devices. The backend supports M3U8…