How do I use this IPTV service?

All you need to use IPTV is a smart tv, that is the most basic setup as most people already have a smart tv.

You can also install this on a PC or Mac, or if you want, you can also use a dedicated device like an Android TV box, for example a Beelink GT1 Ultimate, or the other type of dedicated box called a MAG type box, there are many different types of MAG type boxes, MAG is a name brand, the other popular mag type boxes are DreamLink’s, Formuler z7+’s and BUZZ TV boxes. the difference between the 2 are explained in detail below in the ” How to choose the right equipment” article.

Smart TV’s do a decent job, but they don’t do IPTV as well as a dedicated device. However it’s a great way to test the waters of IPTV without investing in any extra equipment. I’m personally not a fan of the Smart TV app user interface, but if you are just testing, you really want to just focus on the variety of channels, and their quality. As you can change the interface with other apps or equipment. If you are thinking of getting a Smart TV, please be aware some do not have access to the google play store, and some just have access to only the LG/SAMSUNG/SONY app stores which means, you don’t have much choice in the apps you can use. so if i was going to buy a new smart tv, i would make sure that it has access to the the google play store to give you as many options and flexibility as possible.

I would also warn against using Roku boxes, they just don’t do a great job to be honest and the most people who need tech support, are these very users.  So I personally have very little confidence in them. Sure they will work, but will they do it well? no, they will not..

How to choose the right equipment?

I  think the best way to figure out what equipment you need is to determine what experience you want with your IPTV services first. The first method is an Android TV Box, and android tv box is pretty much a little computer with an Android Cellphone/Tablet operating system installed on it. It gives you full access to the google play store, which means you can install whatever IPTV app you want to use on it and as many as you want too as all IPTV apps do IPTV differently.

The second method is an dedicated IPTV box, MAG boxes are the most popular, but there are many ones that have come out recently that seem to do a better job, like Dreamlink, BuzzTV and Formuler z7+ boxes. These boxes are designed strictly for IPTV and are set up very much like your Cable or Satellite tv boxes. and are very easy to use. The downside is, most do not allow you to install any apps from the google play store, as they don’t have access to the play store. Which means if you want more options, well, these boxes will not allow you to use anything but their own proprietary version of Android and whatever apps the manufacturer allows you to use.  The only exception is the BuzzTV and the Formuler z7+ boxes which allow for both methods, they are both a dedicated IPTV box, and an Android TV box. So you have every option available to you. 

Dedicated boxes use a MAC address as a log in instead of a username and password. A mac address is a unique hardware id assigned to your IPTV box or any internet connected device. Your phone, your tablet, your computer all have one that is unique to that very device only. So to connect to us, you just give us your mac address off the box, and we add it to our system and then you simply type in a website address to connect. it’s very straightforward. 

Android TV boxes on the other hand require a username and password to log into the IPTV network.. The added bonus to this type of connection is that you can use your account on any device, like your phone or tablet, at work or on the road or watching tv in your bedroom etc. , the only restriction is you can only connect to our service with one device at a time. 

When you consider buying one of these boxes, you want to focus part of your research on if that company properly supports your device, meaning if there is a new version of Android, will they update it. Many of these boxes have almost zero support, so if you want an update, or if it has a bug, the only way to get past it is to buy a new box.

If you wish to buy an Android box with support and customer service, I suggest clicking this link

The dedicated brands I mentioned above do fully support their boxes, with the exception of the BuzzTv boxes, which are pretty great, but have absolutely no support, not even a user forum…

The great thing about IPTV, is you can use our service anywhere in the world that has a decent broadband connection. So if you’re travelling and don’t want to miss a show or a game. You can bring it with you! You definitely can’t do that with Cable or Satellite!

What else do I need?

You need broadband internet service with a minimum of 20mbps download speed. (slower accounts have had great success as well, but we cannot guarantee it,
it really depends on your own ISP and their traffic. but 20mbps should do, the more bandwidth the better of course.)

To get started you just need:
– one of those devices listed above or below
– and a broadband connection of more than 10mbps (min.) but 20mpbs is the suggested minimum, the more bandwidth the better!

Once you have that, you’re ready to go!

A general List of equipment that can be used for IPTV

The following devices and Apps are capable of using Epicstream:

♦ BuzzTV XPL2000 / XPL3000 Boxes
♦ AVOV Boxes
♦ Dreamlink Boxes
♦ Enigma2 Boxes
♦ MAG 250 / 254 / 256 Boxes
♦ XBox One – MyIPTV App
♦ Smart TV’s – (only TV’s that support
♦ ROKU’s – **Are no longer supported**
♦ Android TV Boxes:

– Epicstream app
– Perfect Player
– Kodi
– StbEMU
– Other many various IPTV Apps found in the Google Play Store
♦ Windows PC – Kodi, Perfect Player
♦ iOS/Apple – GSE IPTV and iPlay (iTunes store)

If you are interested in one of these devices, Amazon is the best place to look, One of the better points about using Amazon is their returns are easy and usually free,
just buy one from “Sold by Amazon” seller which will give you the ability to easily return any undesired defective items hassle free, unlike eBay.

If you have questions about buying one or setting up, or just looking for some advice, please feel free to ask us by using the support email form and we’ll respond right away.

If you need help setting any of these apps or equipment up, let us know via an email or our forums (Need to be an active subscriber to use).

What else do I need?

You need broadband internet service with a minimum of 20mbps download speed. (slower accounts have had great success as well, but we cannot guarantee it,
it really depends on your own ISP and their traffic. but 20mbps should do, the more bandwidth the better of course.)

To get started you just need:
– one of those devices above or a device capable of running one of those IPTV apps
– and a broadband connection

Once you have that, you’re ready to go!

What Can I Expect when I sign up? 

As I mentioned above, IPTV service is not perfect. All providers have their hiccups, in fact there is absolutely no IPTV service on this planet without its hiccups, and many providers have more hiccups than others. There will be times a channel you watch often may not be available for a few hours, but with us, you can easily report it and we usually have it working again ASAP. We will try our very best to satisfy you.

** If you want to see how our customers feel about our service, or you want to ask some questions or just need a bit of advice. Join our Forums **